Address by Nelson Mandela at the National African Federated Transport Organisation Gala

14 April 1992

Comrades and Friends,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

The ANC is once again privileged to be invited to address your organisation, we take this opportunity of congratulating you on your outstanding contributions through transport and transport related services to develop black economic empowerment.

It is our view that the transport industry in South Africa serves as a basic integrating factor. We wish to encourage the further co-ordinated development of this sector, since people mobility has an enormous impact on access to education, health, information and communications.

It is a source of great pride to the ANC that the black business community has not only entered into a highly competitive area, which had hitherto been closed to them, but had out competed major state monopolies such as the South African railways and harbours. You have shown that black business people can compete effectively with a high degree of seriousness and responsibility towards development. We are aware that in the process of transformation major difficulties will be confronting us. We will find resolutions in the processes used by both Nafto, Sabta and other black transport organisations as models.

We anticipate that as we move towards political resolution in this country, greater opportunities will be opened in the transport and freight industry.

We have been encouraging foreign investors to link up with the black transport organisations as they pass through our country trying to do feasibility studies.

Our task is to prepare for the growth of a dynamic economy once we have achieved our goal of a non-racial, non sexist united and democratic South Africa. This objective must find its root in our planning right now!

Once again, we commend the black transport organisations for the tremendous efforts that are underway for training of personnel at all levels. I was singularly impressed with the conceptualisation of the development of the National African Federated Transport Academy. The college provides specific training and is guided by the transport needs of our community. The ANC believes that we cannot allow situations of conflict to bedevil the growth in the black transport industry and we encourage you all to find solutions from within which are based on joint discussions by the organisations.

We believe that a coherent transportation policy should emanate from the joint debates within transport organisations, trade unions and political structures. the debates must be based on clearly defined quality of life objectives - including economic development, protection of the environment, accessibility, fairness and choice, safety and security, energy and efficiency, accountability and flexibility.

I wish to end my message to you all with appreciation for your achievements and to say to you that the ANC will continue to support the economic empowerment of the black community.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation