Message to the Muslim community from Nelson Mandela at Eid ul Fitr

24 March 1993

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

I have always been particularly attached to the Muslim greeting - I thus greet you in the name of Peace.

Peace remains foremost in the minds of every community as we witness continuance of killings and the growing crime rate.

I am sure that throughout the world joy-filled homes will be marking this Eid ul Fitr with fervent prayers for world peace.

I hope your prayers for peace and justice to prevail in this troubled land are answered. I trust that your sacrifice and discipline during the fast will stand this nation in good stead.

It is on festive days like these that our minds turn to ponder the universality of humanity and the plight of those who have been excluded and denied. The Quranic injunction to rededicate ourselves to the resolute fight against any and all forms of injustice, tyranny and oppression is universal and strikes responsive chords in the hearts of people of all faiths.

Let us make this the last Eid ul Fitr that we have to celebrate under a system that has systematically trampled on our rights and our human dignity.

Let us make this the Eid ul Fitr of Hope - where the less privileged, unemployed and poverty-stricken can also look forward to sharing the bountiful fortunes of this land.

On behalf of the National Executive Committee of the ANC and its entire membership I wish you all Eid Mubarak and may you have a joyous day.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation