Statement by Nelson Mandela on the assassination of Martin Chris Hani

10 April 1993

The assassination of Chris Hani is a heinous crime against not only his person and his family, but also against the people of our country as a whole.

Those responsible for this terrible deed are demented enemies of justice, democracy and peace in our country.

It is the responsibility of the entire nation to find them and ensure that they are brought before the courts of the land to answer for this indescribable act of barbarism.

Chris has spent his life fighting for a just society. Consistent with this, he has been playing a central role in the common effort to arrive at a negotiated settlement of the problems facing our country.

During his very last days, he has been at the forefront of the campaign to end violence in the country and to encourage a spirit of tolerance among all our people and their political organisations.

He is a martyr to the cause of justice and peace. His death demands of us that we pursue that cause with even greater vigour and determination.

It also demands that, as Chris has been saying, we should refuse to be provoked into any acts of violence, even if this is motivated by a desire to avenge his death.

With all the authority at my command, I therefore appeal to all our people to remain calm and to honour the memory of Chris Hani by remaining a disciplined force for peace.

At this moment of unbounded grief for the whole country, our deepest sympathies go to Chris's wife, Limpho, the children and the rest of the family.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation