Message from Nelson Mandela on the occasion of the Jewish New Year


On the occasion of the Jewish New Year I greet all fellow South Africans and wish you well as we enter a period of transition that will transform our country into a democracy.

Momentous events usher in this New Year. While here at home negotiations are proceeding to bring about peace, security and justice for all, in the Middle East the State of Israel and the PLO have begun to make significant moves towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict that has brought so much suffering and hostility to the area.

We in the African National Congress welcome the moves towards peace and salute the Government of Israel and the PLO for their courageous steps forward.

In wishing all of you a happy and peaceful New year and well over the Fast, I urge you to join hands with us in working together to fulfil the many challenging tasks that lie ahead.

Leshanah Tova.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation