Address by President Nelson Mandela at the luncheon hosted by the President Amour of Zanzibar, Tanzania

31 May 1995

President Amour
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and gentlemen.

I feel deeply honoured to be visiting Zanzibar today. My visit to Tanzania would have been incomplete without a visit to Zanzibar.

I have, during the course of my brief stay, had the opportunity to conduct useful discussions with President Amour. I have also been able to form some valuable impressions regarding your commercial activities.

This has underlined the possibilities for mutually beneficial economic opportunities. More than that, it has shown that South Africans have much to learn from you.

I have been greatly impressed with the EPZ Sebleni Project. In particular it is clear that the Government and private sector have been thorough in harnessing international investment in order to promote sustainable development of Zanzibar's economy.

This project is a shining example to us in the region of how to facilitate a synergy between government, private sector and international investors. The transformation of our societies which is needed in order to improve the lives of our peoples, can only take place through such partnerships.

My visit has also been a reminder of the abundant possibilities that exist in the tourist industry.

Already South African tourists are being attracted to Zanzibar to explore the history and charms of the island. I am confident that the numbers will be increased by the co-operation between the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism and our own South African Tourism Board.

As we succeed in developing an integrated approach to tourism across the whole of Southern Africa, your island, one of the jewels of our continent, will prove a valuable asset to our whole region.

Ladies and gentlemen;

In conclusion, I would like to thank your sincerely for your generous hospitality, and to assure you that the impression of your beautiful shores will remain with me when I return to South Africa.

I thank you.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation