Message from President Nelson Mandela on World TB Day

25 March 1997

Tuberculosis is an increasing world-wide problem and it is one of the major health challenges in South Africa. It is a sad truth that even though TB is a curable disease, thousands of people die from it each year.

The key to controlling TB is to raise awareness about its symptoms and encourage sufferers to seek treatment. It is to ensure that patients follow the full course of medication for the prescribe4d period. TB patients who are taking their treatment can live and work safely in the community; and they need and deserve our support as they journey towards recovery.

TB, like other epidemics knows no boundaries. All nations and communities need to join hands to fight the disease. I wish to commend the initiative of individuals and organisations in raising international awareness of Tuberculosis; and in working together to eradicate it.

Issued by: Office of the President

Source: South African Government Information Website