Statement by President Nelson Mandela on Interim Report of the Semenya Commission

5 May 1997

The Premier of the Northern Province, Mr Ngoako Ramathlodi, and I have received the Interim Report of the Semenya Commission.

I have been advised that the Commission's findings are at this stage tentative and incomplete and that the Premier has decided appropriately that the interim report should be released together with the final report.

Furthermore, I am advised that the Commission's terms of reference are to be broadened and its time frame extended to investigate further issues, including possible corrupt conduct on the part of any person or official.

On behalf of the government I call on those members of the public who possess information which may assist the Commission to execute its mandate to come forward with such information before 30 May 1997.

The Commission is expected to submit its final report on or before 15 June 1997.

I am confident that with the steps that have been taken, the Commission can now proceed to the next stage of its work.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation