Statement by President Nelson Mandela on death of Mother Teresa

10 September 1997

I, and millions of other South Africans, were deeply saddened when we heard of the news of Mother Teresa's passing away.

Millions of our people share with the people of India and the world the sorrow and mourning of the demise of this great human being, and servant of God. Mother Teresa's work amongst the downtrodden, destitute and sick will live in our memories for many years to come.

She will always be remembered for her great works of charity benefiting not only the poorest of the poor in Calcutta but also homelessness and proverty alleviation.

The "Missionaries of Charity" will no doubt find strength from the groundwork laid by Mother Teresa and continue to emulate and cherish her legacy into the next millennium.

Mother Teresa's passing has also touched me in a personal way as it has been a humbling experience to have shared the similar honours of a Noble Peace Laureate and India's Bharat Ratna with such an unique person.

Issued by: The Department of Foreign Affairs

Source: South African Government Information Website