Message by President Nelson Mandela to South African Commonwealth Games team

3 September 1998

I am proud to have this opportunity to bid our team to the Commonwealth Games well.

South Africa is at the moment involved in a flurry of international activity. Next week the 8th version of the world Cup Athletics will take place in Johannesburg. Two weeks ago we announced that the Formula One Grand Prix will return to South Africa in 2001.

The Non Aligned Movement summit is bringing together in Durban more than 53 heads of state and government to address issues of cardinal importance to the lives of millions of people as well as the future of humanity. We are currently closely involved in efforts to resolve intricate problems on the continent and other parts of the world.

The confidence that the world is showing in us by putting such responsibilities on our shoulders conveys a message that we are succeeding in taking our place in the community of free nations.

When a South African team takes the stage, it therefore represents not only the pride of the South African nation, but also the multitudes of the world citizens who are enthusiastically urging us on to fulfil our dream of a nation that fulfils its potential.

The team that goes to the Commonwealth Games to represent South Africa carries the message of a people who are determined to occupy a place of pride among other nations. We dispatch them to do us proud as they have done before. They represent not only South Africa and the rainbow nation, but Africa and its peoples.

Along with teams from other African nations, the South African Commonwealth Games team bears the standard of the African Renaissance and the hope of the African people.

Good Luck!

Issued by: Office of the President

Source: South African Government Information Website