Statement by President Nelson Mandela on volunteers for voter registration

22 January 1999

Over 9.7 million South Africans have so far registered for the coming elections.

This was achieved because many civil servants, members of the police and the armed forces, as well as members the general public, volunteered and sacrificed their precious time in the service of democracy.

For this the country will forever remain indebted to them.

However, over half of South Africa's voters still need to be registered for the elections!

During the weekend of 29, 30 and 31 January there will be registration in all nine provinces.

I appeal for volunteers to assist the IEC in registration.

We call on all communities, organisations and workplaces, on religious bodies and educational institutions, to rise to the occasion in the interests of our country and our children.

Your organisations and employers can help you register as a volunteer by contacting provincial and local electoral offices as well as Provincial Directors-General's offices, wherever you may be.

I have trust and faith that you will meet this challenge to help strengthen South Africa's democracy.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation