Address by Nelson Mandela at World Social Forum, Mumbai

January 2004

Allow me to extend warm New Year’s greetings and best wishes to all friends and concerned citizens from all over the world attending the World Social Forum in Mumbai.

I would like to congratulate every one of you for your bold efforts to advance the cause of social justice in the world. The continued assertion that a better world is possible is indeed an important one – and one in which I deeply believe, in spite and perhaps particularly in view of the deep problems the world faces today.

With the dismantling of apartheid ten years ago now, we have clear examples of what determination, clear- mindedness and commitment can achieve. I would like to urge you all to use the time in Mumbai to carefully strategize on how best to overcome all forms of discrimination – whether this is based on gender, race, class, caste, religion, ethnicity or other phenomena that are used to create injustice in any part of the world.

We owe a huge debt to future generations in the form of a better world. It has to be a better world; one in which the rights of every individual are respected, one that builds on past aspirations for a good life, and one that enables every individual to optimally develop their potential. That world is definitely possible. Through efforts like the one you are engaged in now, this world will become a reality.

I wish you all every success.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation