Letter from Nelson Mandela to FW de Klerk during the Conference to Commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Speech to Parliament that Opened the Way to South Africa’s Constitutional Transformation: 20 Years after 2 February 1990: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Council Chambers, Civic Centre Cape Town South Africa

2 February 2010

Dear FW,

As we approach the end of 2009 and the start of the New Year, we are sure that you too will reminisce about February 1990. Twenty years have passed since the liberation movements were unbanned, and many, including myself, were released from prison. For our country, the upcoming "anniversary" invites us to consider how far we have come since those momentous days. During those days we were the pole-cats of the world and on the brink of chaos. Today we are a respected member of the international community of nations and we have a growing democracy.

But even as we commemorate and celebrate those momentous days of February 1990, let us urge our fellow South Africans to remember that much work remains to be done in building our democracy, uplifting our people, promoting reconciliation, and ensuring transformation. We welcome the role that you and your Foundation are playing in this regard.

Kind regards

NR Mandela

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation