Message of condolence by Nelson and Winnie Mandela to the Mozambican people, Machel family, FRELIMO and Mozambican government on the death of Samora Machel

28 October 1986

We have never in our lives submitted a request to leave South Africa, but we believe that today we should be physically present there near you. We are both detained in different jails. We have been prevented from being with you today to share your grief, to cry with you, to alleviate your sorrow, to tenderly embrace you. Our grief for the loss of Comrade Samora is so deep that it breaks our hearts. Throughout the night we shall join you in the vigil. Throughout the day we shall cry with you for the loss of that powerful soldier, courageous son and noble statesman.

We must believe that his death will give new strength to your and our determination to someday be free. For you it will be through victory over the immoral and lackey bandits. For us it will be a victory over oppression. Our struggle has always been linked and together we shall emerge victorious.

The world is on your side. It cannot and will not betray you. With the support of the world and with the legendary determination of the Mozambican people you can only emerge victorious.

Source: Nelson Mandela Foundation